Welcome to the patented ‘BUG-E’ website – The Mobility Scooter Trailer

The BUG-E is designed to help people take their mobility scooter with them when using their car and be easily stored at home whilst taking up the minimum of space – see the photograph below

ONLY £963 *
mobility scooter trailer
BUG-E Mobility Scooter Trailer
The ‘BUG-E’ mobility scooter trailer gives the user a great deal more flexibility than previously availble and unlike some inferior quality trailers the ‘BUG-E’ gives the benefit of being able to be stored upright through the patented storage method. This means that the trailer can be stored out of the elements, inside in a garage or shed whilst taking up the minimum of space.

The design means that the ‘BUG-E’ can be taken from its place of storage and with ease attached to the car and loaded with the mobility scooter. This takes a very short time.

Accesories such as covers to protect from the elements, extra securing straps etc. are also available

For more details, please telephone:-

01305 821273

* the price quoted is exclusive of VAT which is not applicable to those who are registered disabled..

With the cost of hiring a scooter being £70 – 80 per week

The ‘BUG-E’ will PAY FOR ITSELF in a very short period of time