Machining Capacity


CNC Machining Centres
Horizontal, up to ten pallet six axis with helical milling
X630mm,Y750mm, and Z650mm.
Vertical including fourth and fifth axis X1200, Y600, Z600
CNC Turning
2 axis chucking 1000mm dia x 2000mm long
3 axis chucking 200mm dia x 460mm long
Barfeed(incl 3 axis) & sliding head 50mm dia x 300mm lg
Grinding (CNC and conventional)
External 300mm dia x 1000mm long
Internal 250mm dia
Brake discs 450mm dia
Flywheel rings 450mm dia
Gear cutting & Broaching
External 460mm dia x 4dp (6.3mod)
Internal 350mm dia x 4dp (6.3 mod)
Spline Forming 100 dia
Broaching 1500mm long